Nirvana of Sorts

Sat 02 February 2008 by Neville Dalal

Study from 2008

Today marks a new day of efficiency and productivity due to yet another toy. After nearly nine years of using a laptop of some description (5 with my beloved PowerBook) I have splashed out and bought a new 27inch Eizo monitor to help with working from home and well just larking about on the rest of my computers. I managed a whole day of work yesterday on my works’ Dell Latitude which was nothing short of miraculous.

Today I have hooked up the PowerBook with an Apple keyboard and a Logitech wireless trackball. Am writing this post on the new screen pictured above.

What is clear is that I am no master of photography, I think I need some tuition on how to use the camera :(

Another new purchase from last year the Apple iPhone has also found a new purpose in watching TV shows on the way to work. After the bustle of being on the Jubilee line for 50 minutes I was finding my stress levels had been rising to unnatural levels, finding a seat and watching something is a real stress breaker.

So what you ask may I be doing with this new monitor, well I plan to update the website far more often and perhaps finish off some of the Xcode projects I have started