Ciriculam Vitae

December 12, 2018 - 7 minutes


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UNIX systems administrator who thrives in the fast paced financial sector and can meet the responsibility of working in such a demanding role. I am career minded and enjoy expanding my skill sets and relish new responsibilities and roles, whilst still working as a team player.


August 2015 - November 2016 - Morgan Stanley - Manager/Technical Lead Alchemy Unix Team (Contractor)

Manager of a team of 3 onshore and 8 offshore Unix administrators.

Technical Lead, responsible for improving the performance of existing and new migration strategies using Veritas volume manager and other in-house tooling.

Worked bi-monthly weekends to complete migrations in New York, London, Mumbai, Hong Kong and Tokyo.

Responsible for support of a extensive code base in Perl 5.8 & 5.10 This included support of current feature set and enhancement.

Work in conjunction with bank hardware evaluation teams to bring new model types into the main plant. Extensive work with HP DL/BL G9, Dell R630 and Solarflare products.

January 2013 - August 2015 - Royal Bank of Scotland - eCommerce Engineer (Contractor)

Repeated contract renewals.

Worked on server/appliance standardisation tools. Writing data capture scripts for various platforms and appliances. Creating and enhancing analysis tools. Maintenance and enhancement of Perl/Oracle standardisation audit systems.

Management of DMZ infrastructure: Enhancing security model, performance analysis, and developing a locked down RedHat EL5 and EL6 builds. Provided 3rd line support to eCommerce operations.

Maintenance of Co-Located exchange servers. Maintenance and enhancement of the security model used for server access.

Worked on the redesign Redhat JBoss service to be SOX compliant, including migration of all applications to separate user namespaces.

Worked on in house software distribution system enhancement. Using the already deployed Redhat RHQ/Jboss ON platform. Provided new tools to fully deploy application builds to new systems and provide configuration management backed off of an SVN backend.

June 2012 – December 2012 – Morgan Stanley – Alchemy UNIX Migration Team (Contractor)

Systems administrator in the Alchemy datacenter exit team.

Worked on the build out and migrations of several hundred servers, completed bimonthly weekend migrations.

Required a rapid knowledge transfer of all bank specific technologies including all in house custom tools, systems build integration tools, software deployment, name service management.

June 2009 – June 2012 – Barclays Capital – UNIX Systems Administrator (Contractor)

Repeated contract renewals over the course of three years.

Primary Systems administrator for EMEA equities cash/derivatives business June 2009 through July 2011.

Primary Systems administrator for Global FX platform including all gateway infrastructure. Tasked to homogenise an estate of 900 servers.

Working on Solaris 810, Redhat EL3.0 EL4.0 EL5.0 EL6.0, with Veritas 45.

Responsibilities included: Global POC for Sun/Oracle LDAP infrastructure, which provides name services for 12,000 servers. Involved in the design and migration from LDAP to AD authentication via QUEST solution.

April 2007 – June 2009 HSBC – UNIX Project Deployment Team (Contractor)

Repeated contract renewals over the course of two years.

Tasked to build and engineer (clustered) environments within a multi platform environment.

Worked on Solaris 810, Redhat EL3.0 EL4.0, HPUX 11 with Veritas 45.

Worked to cluster and deploy many 3rd party applications, such as Global One (Sun Guard) Murex (FX business) and the migration of Sybase from HP-UX to Solaris 10. This included total guidance on equipment to purchase to final day migration support.

Provide 3rd line support to the production support team on matters ranging from performance, hardware maintenance (Specifically SunFire Enterprise), NTP design, and latency between disparate systems.

April 2003 – April 2007 Lehman Brothers – UNIX Systems Administrator Technical Team Leader

Joined as an associate team member to the single European UNIX team. The work covers all aspects of maintaining, monitoring and analysis of generic servers, SAN, clustered services and network technologies that a production investment bank utilises.

In my first 9 months I completed the design and deployment of what remains the only full test lab/environment for the equities business. This involved deploying key corporate infrastructure behind a firewall and making the environment simulate production reliably.

Managing an environment of approximately 3000 servers split between Solaris and Linux in various flavours. Redhat EL 2.1 -> 4.0 (32bit/64bit AS3/4), Solaris 2.6 -> 2.10 (SPARC/x86 for Solaris 10). I work with the offsite engineering teams to facilitate a valid and consistent build process for all the platforms, which often involves the integration of configuration management, monitoring, storage/SAN.

Worked as part of the core team of systems administrators to maintain and improve the reliability and stability of the general environment. This includes rebuilding Sybase, Oracle, DB2, NFS plus non generic clusters. Unix mail, HP monitoring systems, DNS (QIP), Opsware Software deployment, Autosys scheduling. Business audit management (SOX) and deployment of security tools or monitoring to complete audit requirements. NFS migrations onto and off NetApp appliances, Symm5 to DMX2/3 migrations involving live running clusters where volume manager was used to complete the operation with limited downtime.

Participate in maintenance of the ‘Single Sign On’ MIT Kerberos environment for servers and much application space. This involves the daily running and trouble shooting of the technical infrastructure and non technical users of the system.

Was part of a global support team for the firms chosen software deployment product Opsware. This role demands I understand the mechanism of how software is built, processed and pushed to our servers Then to explain it to other peers outside the realm of infrastructure, who need to utilise the system. I am also involved with the day to day running of the systems, where capacity management, monitoring and performance are indicators as to the measure of its successful deployment into the firm.

Over the course of 3 years, achieved two title rises. Firstly to Senior Engineer, and then to single ‘Technical Team Leader’. I have overseen and/or participated in many global initiatives to improve core features at a global level, including configuration management and namespace management.

Mentor to many people, both inside and outside of the team. Taking responsibility for ensuring the team are challenged to make the improvements not only requested through business flow but also in the general house keeping of a large environment.

August 2000 – May 2003: Goldman Sachs - Technology Analyst December 2001 – 2003: Core Infrastructure Unix team

Worked to create a new Unix team for Core Unix services within Europe.

Managing an environment of 700 servers (team of 3) ranging from Sun, Egenera and HP with storage from EMC, Netapp and Boxhill. Providing 2nd/3rd line support to our users and other systems administrator groups within the firm, as well as 24x7 on call support.

Maintain Solaris Jumpstart for Europe including some engineering and testing of the core jumpstart.

Maintain Linux build environment (in house tool), and Redhat Network servers.

DNS Lucent QIP, individually am one of the global administrators of this system. This responsibility
includes the installation and upgrade of the current system as well as debugging issues for other users
of the system.

NTP, use of xntp and black box stratum 1 satellite based systems.

As part of a team I manage the servers used by: Information Security, Market Data, Network/LAN
services, database administration team and the 24x7 operations team.

As part of this role my responsibilities for the Solaris /UNIX platform have increased. I am more
involved in the general design of how we engineer solutions within the firm. To this end I am heavily involved with our Redhat AS3.0 deployment, building on a platform of HP hardware. I also take a keen interest in matters relating to information security within the firm, where I was involved in the initial deployment and testing of monitoring packages such as System ScannerTM from Internet Security Systems.

August 2000 - December 2001: FICC Production Support Team

Joined Goldman Sachs & Co as a Technology graduate completing 10 weeks training in business and technology with respect to new role.

Managed an environment consisting of over 800 servers, and 400 clients (team of 3) all ranging on the SUN platforms. This included 1st/2nd/3rd line support at various points and 24x7 on call support.

Debugging of commercial applications such as Market SheetTM and various trading applications including those written in-house on various platforms.

As part of my responsibilities I had to maintain the many services such as software distribution (in house tools), messaging (rendezvous), DNS, NIS and email.

Part of my support role involved re-engineering the environment whilst providing a stable platform for the business. This included the upgrade of Solaris OS from to 2.8.

I have helped maintain and rewrite tools which are used to manage a large environment, this included NIS monitoring, system information database (hostdb).

Installation of SUN gridware software and design influence of the global standards.

Trained several new staff to join team and worked as a liaison for new employees/interns to the firm.


(B.Sc. Hon.) Computer Science - University of Edinburgh

A-Levels: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry